QBP Pathway Improvement Program

Quality-Based Procedures (QBPs) are groups of patients with specific diagnoses that offer opportunities for health care providers to share best practices and improved patient quality of care.


We are launching QBP Pathway Improvement Packages for:
  • Wave 1 Diagnoses: COPD, Pneumonia (CAP), CHF, Ischemic Stroke (CVA), Hip Fracture
  • Wave 2 Diagnoses: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Bilateral Joint, Knee Arthroscopy, Stroke TIA and Stroke Hemorrhagic

Information to support successful implementation:

  1. Overview and Rationale for Change
  2. Standard Work
  3. Training Material - Module 1: QBPs: New Ways To Improve Patient Care
  4. Training Material - Module 2: Implementing QBPs On Your Unit
  5. FAQs - Managers and Trainers
  6. FAQs - Front Line Staff
  7. Scale of Perceived Exertion (BORG scale)
  8. Unit Clerk Ordering Instructions