Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy services integrate professional knowledge, ethics, experience and skills.

Together, our team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, support personnel and managers contribute to pharmacy services across WRH's two hospital sites. Pharmacy staff plays a vital role in optimizing patient care related to medication use. Our services support other health professionals and serve hundreds of patients a day. In addition to filling prescriptions and providing patient education, we are also on the leading edge of research and technology use. Technological advancements continue to improve accuracy, safety and efficiency of dispensing. We use fully-computerized patient drug profiles to check for drug interactions, therapeutic duplications and dose range checking. An automated drug dispensing system (Pyxis) is in place on selected wards at both sites.

Services We Provide

  • Fill in-patient prescriptions
  • Fill retail (outpatient) prescriptions at RxPress Care Pharmacy Located in the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre on site and at the WE Care Pharmacy located at the Ouellette campus.
  • Operate a retail HIV satellite Pharmacy (Located adjacent to Met site
  • Provide patient education and consultation on drug therapy
  • Support active clinical trials
  • Participate in the training of undergraduates and pharmacy technicians.

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