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The CPS should be the primary latex reference source as this info is updated regularly. A list of parenteral products that do not contain natural rubber latex (NRL) in their packaging can be found in the purple pages in the front of the CPS. The list is based on information supplied by the manufacturers for products included in the CPS. The manufacturer should be contacted for information on specific drug products not listed as the CPS list is not exhaustive. The following statement is also included with regards to those products that are not listed as latex-free:

"The risk of exposure to trace amounts of natural rubber latex (NRL) from medication vial stoppers is unclear. NRL vial stoppers are dry NRL products which have less residual NRL protein and have been reported to elicit allergic reactions less frequently than dipped NRL products (medical gloves, condoms, catheters, etc)/ However, due to isolated reports of rubber vial stopper causing allergic reactions, many health care institutions have adopted guidelines to prepare NRL-safe parenteral products. Two examples are:

  1. Remove the vial stopper. The benefit must be weighed against the potential for dosing errors, dilution problems, contamination, and waste
  2. One-stick policy. Limit vial access to one puncture for any vial closure. Once the drug is withdrawn, change the needle before administration

WRH follows the ISMP recommendations for TALLman Lettering on preprinted order sets, pharmacy system generated medication administration records, medications listings on PYXIS® and medication packaging.