National Stroke Awareness Month

Test your knowledge for National Stroke Awareness Month!


The quiz is now closed. Please see the answers below:

  1. Which is the most modifiable risk factor for stroke prevention?
    (a) age (b) exercise (c) hypertension (d) diabetes management (e) none of the above
  2. Your patient understands what you are saying but is unable to speak they have what?
    (a) expressive aphasia (b) global aphasia (c) wait till SLP tells me (d) dysarthria
  3. You are out for dinner the lady at the next table develops a facial drop, and right arm weakness, you should?
    (a) mind your business (b) recommend she “sleep it off” (c) call 911 (d) have her go to clinic 
  4. If a patient arrives in the ED with “stroke like symptoms” and is within 6 hours of symptom onset what will be announced overhead at WRH OC?
    (a) code stroke (b) business as usual (c) code blue (d) trauma code
  5. The designated stroke centre in Windsor Essex is located where?
    (a) Ouellette (b) Metropolitan (c) HDGH (d) Erie Shores Healthcare (e) London
  6. 15-30 % of ischemic strokes are preceded by TIA symptoms.
    (a) true (b) false
  7. Windsor has an Urgent TIA clinic that runs Monday to Friday 800-1230?
    (a) true (b) false
  8. This is not a modifiable risk factor for stroke?
    (a) hypertension (b) diabetes management (c) gender (d) nutrition (e) age (f) c and e
  9. In F.A.S.T the A and T stand for?
    (a) aim and trouble (b) arms and time (c) arms and trouble (d) assess and time