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Audiovisual & Multimedia Services

We are available to assist in the set-up and use of all multimedia equipment. The following is a list of equipment available to be booked through Multimedia Resources. To ensure availability of equipment we suggest booking several days in advance.

LCD Projector and/or Laptop

Setting Up and Trouble Shooting LCD

Connecting an LCD is done via a VGA cable. One end of the cable is connected to the projector (Computer 1 or Computer IN) and the other end to your laptop. If you do not see the image, you may need to hit the Function (FN) and whichever Fkey (i.e., F5) along the top row of the keyboard that is designated for projecting. Usually, this key can be found with two icons on it (rounded rectangle outline and one filled solid). Hit both at the same time and this will cycle through one of three settings (1. Computer screen only, 2. LCD screen only and 3. Image appears on both)

Which Rooms have equipment?

At the Met Campus, the Clinical Education Centre (CEC), Admin Conference Room 1, Auditorium Sides A and B, Meeting Room #1 and the Computer Training Lab have permanently mounted LCD projectors. In the Cancer Centre, Yves Landry, Casino Cares, 2026 and the Groundfloor Classroom all have mounted LCD projectors. They also have installed PCs with wireless keyboard and mouse. You can access Citrix from all of these computers.

At the Ouellette Campus, all the rooms have computer/LCD combos with the exception of the Emeryville and Lakeshore Rooms.


Not all rooms are equipped with a TV/DVD however all computers have DVD drives. If you require one in a room that does not have one, we will be happy to supply you with a set-up.

Also, LCD projectors are compatible with DVDs, so if you wish to show a video to a large audience, the use of the LCD would probably be best. For this, it is best to use the rooms that have equipment permanently installed as all of them are hooked into a sound system.

For more information contact Paul Dunn at ext. 52795, or Denise Harpe at ext. 52404 at the Met Campus. At Ouellette, you can call Sue Gillen at ext. 33206

Overhead/Slide Projectors

While the use of Overhead and slide projectors have all disappeared, they can still be booked through Multimedia Resources.

For more information contact Paul Dunn at Ext 52795 or Denise Harpe at ext. 52404 at the Met Campus. At Ouellette, you can call Sue Gillen at 33206.

Digital Camera/Photography

Arrangements for photography projects can be made through Multimedia. If neither Paul Dunn nor Denise Harpe are available to take photos for you, you may make arrangements to borrow a digital camera and take the photos yourself.

Photography / Videography Consent Form

Video camera

If we are not available to videotape your presentation or seminar we will gladly give you a quick demonstration on setting the camera up, and simple operations such as record, zoom in/out, fade etc. The camera used is a Digital Video Camcorder and records on SD cards. Keep in mind if you need this to be transferred DVD for viewing later then you will need to provide Multi-media with a blank DVD(s). We will get this done ASAP.

We may not be able to stay during the duration of your event. In this case, we will arrive and set up the equipment and time permitting start the recording process. Usually, we will instruct a point person who will be present for the duration of the event on the functions of the camera.

Photography / Videography Consent Form


Graphic Design

Our Multimedia Specialists are available for consultation with marketing and communication strategies as well as the development of educational materials for staff and patients. Examples of techniques developed by Multimedia are posters, signage, publication covers, PowerPoint presentations, scanning and other design, graphics enhancement of print media and presentation or special event planning.



Videoconferencing allows virtual meetings, conferences and training sessions between two or more physical locations. Participants are able to see and hear what is happening at each of the sites and to share resources. Windsor Regional Hospital Staff knows that we have been using video conferencing over the past several years for hospital-wide town hall meetings, special announcements, and leadership forum meetings.

To request a videoconference, it will be helpful if you have the following information ready:

Where the call is originating ie London Health Sciences Centre
  • A contact name at the host site
  • A start and end time for the call
  • The name of the session ie Stroke Rounds
After you have booked your videoconference, room and any other audiovisual equipment you may need, you do not need to do anything else. The OTN system is computerized, so the call will automatically connect. Should you have any problems, a trouble-shooting card is located on all of the video conferencing units and includes numbers to call for assistance. For help view the troubleshooting document.

A friendly reminder: if for any reason your session has been cancelled, please let Learning Resources know as we do try to make arrangements to be present and/or onsite for all videoconferences. We will also need to pass the cancellation on to OTN.



Teleconferences allow participants at two or more locations to hold meetings over the phone. These are easier to set up than video conferencing as they can be conducted in any room that has a speakerphone. Most meeting rooms at both campuses have hands free phones.

If you are making the arrangements for a conference call that involves more than two sites, you may call 1 (800) 667-3678 for assistance in linking all of your sites.

For more information at the Met Campus contact:

For more information at the Ouellette Campus contact: