Lori Dupont Bursary

Bursary Program

The Lori Dupont Bursary is a $5000 bursary funded by Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and Windsor Regional Hospital to assist RN staff with continuing education costs.

To be eligible to apply for this bursary you must:

  1. Be a ONA member. 
  2. Currently employed by HDGH or WRH. 
  3. Use the bursary for educational purposes (Courses, Conferences, Workshops, Certifications, Entrance fees and expenses up to $1000/application) in the May 1-April 30 calendar year. 
  4. Have applied for admission/been accepted or currently enrolled in a recognized educational program. 
  5. Have not been awarded this bursary within the last three years. 
Bursary Amount & Return Service Requirements
Up to $1000 will be awarded per successful candidate. Bursary amounts will vary based on an individual proposal basis.

Successful candidates will be required to:
  1. Present his/her learning to the RN Professional Development Committee and the RN Professional Practice Team. 
  2. Serve on the Selection committee for the following year. 
Application Process
The following documentation will be submitted to the office of the Chief Nursing Executive (CNE).

Please scan and send to:
Becky Langlois
Windsor Regional Hospital

  1. A bursary application form completed before the deadline of May 1st, 2017. 
  2. Documentation from an educational program, indicating an application form for admission has been received/accepted or that the applicant is currently enrolled in a program. 
  3. Require proof of registration or attendance for conferences, workshops, certification exams, etc. and related costs. 
  4. The applicant will be required to submit a typed description of intent, responding to the following questions
    •  Why is this important to you?
    •  How will this enhance your professional development?
    •  How will you integrate the new knowledge learned into your professional practice?

The names of the successful Candidates will be announced during Nurses week celebrations in May of each year. 

Deadline for submission of application is: Friday, April 27th 2018.

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