It's The Little Things

The WRH Patient Experience Task Force is excited to announce a new program that recognizes how little things we do for patients can have a big impact.


It is a way to recognize that as a member of the WRH staff - employee, a physician affiliate or volunteer – we all have the potential to make a difference in a patient or loved one’s experience at Windsor Regional Hospital. Whether you let a tired father step in front of you in the Tim’s line, or you hold the door for a youngster struggling to walk on crutches, or you take a moment to sit with the woman who just said goodbye to her mother, you are helping to ease their burden.

Winners are selected from monthly Above and Beyond Submissions

Staff are reminded that it is the Little Things that matter. In stressful situations, your kindness and consideration may mean the world to a patient or even a co-worker. This is not just a staff recognition program - it is an opportunity to learn from others.

View the posters that encourage us all to consider the Little Things

Thank You from a Grateful Family


The WRH Patient Experience Task Force is excited to announce the latest winner of our “It’s The Little Things” program – Melissa Wood, RN, Met Campus Emergency Department.

Melissa was thanked by a grateful family who appreciated the little things she did to help ease their two-year-old daughter during an emergency department visit. Here’s what they wrote:

“I would like to thank Melissa for her outstanding service that she provided for my two year old daughter. Despite the rush of patients tonight, Melissa has taken her time to keep my daughter calm during some testing and even walked her over to the toy bin and have her a treat. Thank you Melissa for doing the right thing we will remember this experience. You are awesome.
Sincerely, The Mailloux Family.”

Great work Melissa!

Showcasing What We Do


LouAnn McBrayne is a very dedicated and skilled radiation therapist working in the radiation oncology department at the Cancer Centre. She went above and beyond to showcase to the public and support her colleagues by recognizing the work that is done by the radiation therapists locally and abroad during our professional week. She completed a board with all the staff's photos as well as created displays in the centre showcasing past photos of staff and old radiation equipment.

Patients enjoyed looking at these photos and putting a face and name to the therapists they see everyday. By doing this LouAnn not only promoted our team she also helped to build moral amongst team members in what can often be a very stressful and fast-paced environment.

Lou Ann – it may have been a little thing to you – but it meant a lot to many others! 

A little humour at the right time, can go a long way!


Jen Dufour is deserving of the ‘Little Things’ award. WRH received a lovely note from a family who indicated that Jen was a kind and compassionate nurse. Despite a very difficult situation, Jen’s positive attitude and her kind way had a positive impact on the family. In the words of the family –“she even had the family laughing in an otherwise very sad day”. Her hard work did not go unnoticed. It is indeed the little things that make a difference.

Our Latest Little Things Winner Had a Big Impact!


The WRH Patient Experience Task Force is pleased to announce that Jennifer Uruski from Housekeeping at Met campus is the latest staff member to be recognized in our “The Little Things” campaign!

The Little Things – which recognizes actions by staff that may seem small, but have a big impact on a patient or visitor’s experience – was introduced this summer. Jennifer is the latest recipient of a Little Things umbrella and as part of this recognition also receives a pin through WRH’s long-standing Above and Beyond program.

Here’s what a patient wrote to the hospital about Jennifer:
“Today while awaiting care in the Emergency department I took notice of the thorough cleaning job being performed by a female housekeeping team member. She took great care in wiping the waiting room chairs clean in their entirety and changed cleaning rags appropriately. After being moved into a cubicle to await being seen by the Doctor, I once again witnessed the same individual not only performing her job but she did so with an exceptionally pleasant way towards patients, even retrieving a blanket for a patient in another cubicle who was clearly cold and uncomfortable. As a Casino Janitor of 23 years, I tend to take notice of both good and bad housekeeping habits. I asked for your staff members name as I feel Jennifer Uruski is deserving of recognition for her excellence! Most impressive and many thanks!!!”

The act of retrieving a blanket for a patient – even though it’s outside her regular duties – exemplifies what The Little Things campaign is all about! It reminds us that sometimes it’s the little things we do for those around us that can have the greatest impact.

This fall’s theme is “I See You There!” It acknowledges one of the key facets of our AIDET customer service training – “Acknowledgement” – and reminds us of the importance of making eye contact and being a friendly face as soon as we can when someone is waiting for our attention.

Remember - sometimes, it’s the Little Things that can have the biggest impact! 

Congratulations to Doina Derecichei!!



Our first winner is Doina Derecichei, an RN on 4 North at Met campus!

Here’s what was submitted by a loved one of a patient:

“Doina was so kind to my father when he was in for surgery for an accident. She went down to Tim Horton's and bought him a coffee when he told her he had a headache from no coffee since the surgery. She went above and beyond to make this act of kindness and her manner with him was caring and compassionate. She was the last person we saw leaving the hospital and it left us with a wonderful warm feeling Thank you Doina for being such a wonderful person.”

Thank Doina for reminding us all that “The Little Things” can indeed make a difference