Greetings from the Erie St. Clair IPAC Hub!

We are looking for ways to help support ICP leads in your roles, and help connect you to our network.

Through the IPAC Hub network, ICP leads have access to IPAC expertise, collaborative assistance, and just-in-time advice, guidance, and direct support on IPAC practices for prevention and response. The Erie St. Clair IPAC Hub would like to know where we can assist ICP leads in LTC with the requirements under the new IPAC Standards for Long Term Care Homes.

We encourage you to take some time to review and respond to these 4 survey questions to help us with planning how we can best support you in your role as the ICP lead.

1. As the ICP lead, which of the following IPAC program components do you feel you could use some support in developing? (Select all that apply)

2. The IPAC Hub can support you with educational needs. We would like to know what areas you feel you need extra educational material or support (Select all that apply)

3. Of all the responsibilities of the IPAC Lead, there are some specific areas that the IPAC Hub could support you with. Please let us know where you would need the most support (Select all that apply)

4. Surveillance is the systemic ongoing collection, collation and analysis of data with timely dissemination of information to those who require it in order to take action. Actions are usually related to improvement in prevention or control of the condition. Surveillance programs reduce infection rates. Typically the components of a surveillance program are thought of as a cycle, but if you think of them as a hierarchy, where do you consider your home is with development of its surveillance program


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