Learn more about the design process.

To help educate and inspire User Groups members throughout the design process for a new hospital, the Project Management Office Team (the PMO) is planning a series site visits to new hospital centres and newly constructed clinical and non-clinical service areas (ie. new ED, OR suites, inpatient units, materials management, food services, etc.).

Efforts will be made to include a variety of User Group members (WRH leadership, physicians, frontline staff, patient reps, etc.) on each tour with members of each User Group having the opportunity to participate over the course of the design process.

Recognizing these facilities can only accommodate a limited number of visitors, we ask that those selected to attend take detailed notes, and capture photos and video (where allowed) to share with the planning teams.

Take the Hospital Tour Survey
Please complete the Hospital Tour Survey within 7 days of any tours you attend. Information will be shared on the Hospital Tour information page and shared with members of the PMO Team and User Groups.

Share Your Photos
Share photos, videos, and any other materials you collected during your tour here.

Suggest a Tour Location
Complete the Site Tour Suggestion Form and let us know if there are any new hospital facilities or recently upgraded programs and service areas within an existing hospital that you recommend being considered for a tour.