Health Sciences Library Forms

The following is a complete list of downloadable and online forms from the Health Sciences Library.


Article Request Form

If you know the article you are interested in, but can't find it in our collection, or if you don't have time to look, submit an Article Request Form. Please supply as much information as you can about the article(s) you are interested in.

Employee Patron Registration Form

If you would like to have borrowing privileges from the Health Sciences Library, fill out a form with as much information as you can provide, including work and home contact information. The form must be completed and brought to the library to receive your patron library barcode. 


Research Request Form

If you would like a librarian to conduct a literature search or to do research on a work-related topic, please fill out a form. Please provide as much information about the topic as you can, as well as a list of keywords you think might be useful.