French Language Services / Services en Langue Française

The legislative background for the implementation and provision of health services in French is the French Language Services Act.

This Act was adopted by unanimous consent by the Legislative Assembly of the province of Ontario in 1986. It took full force in the province in 1989. Article 5 (1) of the Act states: “A person has the right in accordance with this Act to communicate with, and to receive available service in French from, any head or central office of a government agency or institution of the Legislature, and has the same right in respect of any other office of such agency or institution that is located in or serves an area designated in the Schedule.” Article 1 (c) defines a “ government agency as “ a non-profit corporation or similar entity that provides a service to the public, is subsidized in whole or in part by public money and is designated as a public service agency by the regulations”. The Windsor Regional Hospital is such a public service agency.

Due to the number of French-speaking residents in Windsor and Essex County, these areas are designated in the Schedule of the French Language Services Act.

In addition, in February 1998, the Health Services Restructuring Commission of the province of Ontario, directed the Windsor Regional Hospital, in conjunction with the Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital and the District Health Council, to develop a plan for the provision of French language services. The plan is to include a determination of which programs will be designated and a schedule of events required for the implementation of the plan.

On March 7, 2002, the Board of Directors of the Windsor Regional Hospital approved its’ initial French Language Health Services implementation plan and forwarded it to the Essex-Kent-Lambton District Health Council for review and comments. This plan contains not only the programs and services identified to provide French services, but also the timeframes and measures to be taken in order to ensure that the Health Services Restructuring Commission directives and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care criteria pertaining to the delivery and availability of direct French language services are met.

In July 2002, the hospital received Council’s views, comments and recommendations on the contents of the Windsor Regional Hospital’s French Language Health Services implementation plan, and, is in the process of revisiting and revising the plan to respond to Council’s recommendations.

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