Campaign Highlights

Giving Starts from Within

The Family Giving Campaign at Windsor Regional Hospital (Ouellette and Metropolitan campuses) is designed to provide staff, professional staff, Board members and volunteers an opportunity to give back to their hospital. Whether one has worked at the hospital for a few months or several years, we realize how fortunate we are to be associated with this dynamic organization (Windsor Regional Hospital). Each day we see first-hand the positive difference in the lives that we touch when we give and the satisfaction knowing that we are helping patients and families with enhanced care through medical equipment purchases or improving programs and services we may be attached to.

Often, when appealing to the community for support, they will ask, what have we done before they can make a decision to assist the hospital. Through the Family Giving Campaign, we can proudly state, we too have responded and done our share to support hospital and healthcare in our community.

Thank you for your consideration to support the Windsor Regional Hospital Family Giving Campaign. Many incentives are available to you simply by making a commitment. Thank you.


All Circles (donation of $26 or more) include the following incentives:
  • Invitation to attend the annual Family Giving Campaign Celebration event 
  • Listing on the Family Giving Campaign online Donor Wall 
  • Tax receipt 
Family Circle ($26–$999) starting at $1 per payroll deduction, $0.50/week
All items listed above.

Circle of Friends ($1,000–$1,999) starting at $38.47 per payroll deduction, $19.24/week
All items listed above plus:
  • Special Windsor Regional Hospital Appreciation Gift 
Circle of Care ($2,000) starting at $76.93 per payroll deduction, $38.47/week
All items listed above plus:
  • Special "Boxed" Treats

Gift Designations

Windsor Regional Hospital family members have the option of designating their gift to a program or service that they are passionate about.
  • Breast Health Centre 
  • Cancer Program 
  • Cardiac Care 
  • Cardio Pulmonary 
  • Cath. Lab/Angioplasty 
  • Child Life Services 
  • Complex Trauma 
  • Critical Care 
  • Day Surgery 
  • Diagnostic Imaging 
  • Emergency 
  • Endoscopy 
  • Family Birthing Centre 
  • Greatest Needs 
  • Health Sciences Library 
  • ICU 
  • Inpatient Oncology 
  • Laboratory 
  • Maternal Newborn 
  • Medicine Program 
  • Mental Health 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 
  • Neurosurgery/Stroke 
  • New Acute Care Hospital Equipment Fund 
  • Operating Room 
  • Orthopaedics 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Pulmonary Function Lab 
  • Paediatric 
  • Respirology Medicine 
  • Renal Dialysis 
  • Surgical Program 
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Centre 
  • Social Work 
  • Volunteer Services

Your Contributions at Work

The following is a list of some of the equipment and materials purchased by Windsor Regional Hospital since 2015 thanks to the support of the WRH Foundation. Donations were made by individuals in the community and by staff (volunteers, employees, professional staff and affiliates) through the Family Giving Campaign make this possible.


  • Child Life Supplies
  • CCU Ultrasound
  • Inpatient Neuro - Bladder scanner, patient lifts and shower chair
  • Family Birthing - Aloe Chairs
  • NICU Ultrasound
  • Emergency Department - Video Laryngoscopes
  • ICU - Laryngoscope
  • Family Birthing - Jaundice Meter
  • Emergency - Bladder Scanner
  • Emergency (Ouellette Campus) - seclusion rooms and electric stretcher
  • Medicine - Vital Signs Monitor
  • Cath Lab - Intstallation of new cath lab table
  • PR Lighheads and arms
  • Lab Supplies
  • Laraoxopic Clickline
  • Sexual Assault - Supplies
  • Breast Health Centre Renovations
  • Critical Care – Ouellette Campus, Eleven (11) Beds
  • Cystoscopes – Met Campus
  • Endo – Glidescope Video Laryngoscopes
  • Hospital Wide – Defibrillators
  • Inpatient Surgery – Bladder Scanner
  • Lab – Plasma Quick Thaw System
  • Medicine and Surgical Programs – Met & Ouellete Campus, Therapeutic Mattresses
  • NICU – Three (3) CPAP machines
  • Oncology – Improvements to workstations, chart area and sinks
  • OR Urology – Sonesta Procedure Table
  • Respiratory – Non-Invasive Ventilators
  • Sleep Lab – Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitor
  • Surgical lights – Met Campus
  • Tuition Assistance

2017 Donors

Christine Adelchi Steven Erwin Michelle Lucier Spencer Rivait
Carol Agapito Debra Essery Amanda MacMillan Theresa Rivard
John Agapito Marivic Facun Loris Macor  Syed Rizvi
Dr. Muhammad S. Akhtar Mark Fathers Marianna Magliaro Maureen Robbins
Dr. A. Akinlosotu Tawny Fathers Deborah Mailloux Debbie Robertson
Brigitte Ala Michael Fazekas Emily Makey Karen Robertson Brown
Julia Alanis Mark Ferrari Mary Malott Linda Robinson
Sharon Allen Sara Ferriss Amanda Marentette Sherie Robson
Donna Anderson Marla Fettes Tina Mariani Sarah Romano
Rob Angus Kimberly Fields Kevin Marshall Dana Root
Beverly Anteau Sharon Findlay Heather Martin Daniel Roy
Helga Antonelli Lisa Fischer Marianne Martin Gilianne Roy-Bornais
Lorie Antonucci Erlita Floresca Pauline Martin Angela Ruppert
Betty Jo Appleyard Scott Forbes Manmander Matharu Carolyn Rusnak
Deborah Archibald Margarita Foreman Heather Matisz Courtney Russell
Katherine Arsenault Ron Foster Amy-Beth Matteau Heather Ryan
Arvind Arya  Elizabeth Fox Gudrun Matthews Aaron Ryan
Martine Askew NadineM Francis Judy Matton Aamer Saeed
Tarryn Aylward Sherri Franz Lisa Mazurek Jhonavie Sagullo
Margret Ayres Constance Fraumeni LouAnn Mcbrayne Karen Sampson
Gulis Baltes Jim Fraumeni Nicole McCosh  Melissa Sanderson
Cathy Bauer Alexis Frohman Katie McCracken Diana Sarkis
Sandra Bauer Michelle Gagne Karen McCullough  Denise Sauve
Janet Bayley Lisa Galbraith Denise McDonnell-Scaman David Scarfone
Laurie Beaudoin Nicole Gauder Christine McDonough Anita Schawillie
Diane Beaulieu Kim Gelissen Teresa McGregor Stephanie Schneider
Hannah Beauregard CathyL Gelsinger Linda McLean Pamela Scholey
Beverly Becker Margaret Genna Sheri McLeod  Charlene Schram
Katherine Bedard Norman George Kelly Mcnorton Amanda Schram
Cary Bedard Shelly Gerard Pamela Mcpherson Diane Schryer
Jessica Bennett Laurie Gibb Kimberley Mellow Jean Scratch
Pam Bergeron Karie Gignac Leah Meloche Wendy Seabourne
Vera Bertozzi Suzanne Gillen Jennine Meloche Sandra Seguin
Kim Bertrand Fae Gillespie Stephanie Meloche Gisele Seguin
Lori Bezaire Maureena Gillis Brooke Meloche Neelu Sehgal
Debra Bialkowski Amanda Girard Jennifer Menard Deborah Sekersky
Kristi Bonadonna Colleen Gombar Ewelina Meyer Luc Serre
Catherine Bondy Lorelei Goodchild Christina Meyers Helen Setterington
Kate Bondy Stephanie Graham Luisa Miceli Kyle Shafer
Alisa Bonner Lisa Graham Mary-Beth Michailoff Christina Sheardown
Lisa Bonnett Matthew Grayson Yolanda Mifflin Rina Sheehan
Sandra Bonofiglio Claudia Griffin Luana Milani Kaitlyn Sheehan
Patricia Borkulak PamelaR Groh Susan Miletic Jill Shepherd
Lesley Borrelli AndreS Guerard Jamie Mills Patti Shepley
Diane Bouliane Elaine Haas Rachel Mitchell Donna Shepley
Catherine Boyce Betty Ann Hall Colleen Momney Sherri Sherbo
Karen Bradd Charlene Haluk-Mcmahon Ena Monteleone Oladayo Shobola
Cheri Bradford Sandra Hamel Luminita Moreland Marylou Silani
Esther Bradt Sylwia Handrysiak Theresa Morris Melissa Simas
Sally Bratt Holly Harcus-Lepera Sharon Morris Marianne Simic
Melissa Bratt Donna Hardaker Nancy Morrison Keith Sinasac
Kelly Brisebois Denise Harpe Linda Morrow Kimberly Sinasac
Louis Brisson Joanne Harrison Nancy Morton Stephanie Sionov
Daniel Broderick Pamela Hebert Amanda Muir Lisa Skieneh
Austyn Brohman Rosanne Hebert David Musyj Pam Skillings
April Brooks Nadia Heddad Holly Mutterback Patricia Slavik
Cheryl Brown Marie Heger Karen Myers Sandra Slogan
Heather Brown Diane Hernandez Krista Naccarato Mindy-Joy Smith
Lynn Brown Kelly Heron Norma Nambayan Catherine Smith
Holly Brunelle Sonya Hewett Hind Naom Claudia Smith
Michelle Buchanan Mary Hillman Dr. I. U. Ndubisi Renee Smith
Isabelle Burston Sharra Hodgins Colleen Nelson Krista Smith
Jen Burton Liang Karla Hodgins Shannon Nicholls Susan Smith
Pierina Calcara Rachael Holmes Ralph Nicoletti Alexander Sobhi
Jennifer Cameron Jennifer Horne Alice Nishizaki Joe Sobol
Carolyn Cameron-Moore Ashley Houston Janice Nixon Esmeralda Sokoli
Valentina Camlis Gail Howlett Donna Nolan Jennifer Soulard
Kelly Campbell Krystal Humphrey Jennifer Nugent Danielle Spearin
Karen Capstick Kailey Huot Mellony O'Brien Debra Spearing
Geraldine Carey Denise Hurst Jessica Oginski Renee Sperduti
Michelle Caron Shannon Hutton Kelly Organ Reuben Sprik
Brad Carson Mary Ann Hyttenrauch Ruth Orton Kim St. Louis
Irene Carson Donna Ieropoli Brandon Osborne Denise St. Louis
Kevin Casetta Robin Iles Barb Ouellette Debbie St. Pierre
Evelyn Chappus Janice Imeson Stephanie Ouellette Monica Staley-Liang
Elizabeth Charron Gary Ing Erin Page Monica Stanton
Kristen Chatelain Lisa Ingratta-Hogan Jennifer Palko Carolynn Stein
Shannon Chesterfield Sarah Irvine Crystal Palumbo Christina Stergiou
Ada Chiarot Marsha Jackson Heather Panchyshak Christine Stockwell
Jennifer Cipkar Joanne Jacobs Anthony Paniccia Laura Stoddart
Maria Cipolla Rita Jacques George Pardalis Gordana Stojakovic
Shauna Clifford John Jedlinksi Ben Parent Louise Stothart
Donna Clinansmith Janet Johnson Mary Parent Shannon Strickland
Caroline Cohen Stacey Johnson Barbara Parent Dawn Stroesser
Maureen Collins Allison Johnson Trish Parker Katharina Strong
Dolores Colomba Freda Jones Jennifer Pascoe Dawn Sutherland
Angela Companion Mitali Kapadia Helen Patterson Debra Sutton
Yu Connors Louise Karch Cindy Pawlikowski Monica Svoboda
Karen Conte Nancy Kaschalk Kerry Pekrul Jaysil Tailor
Gary Cooper Billie-Jo Kavanaugh Alex Pennetti Pamela Taylor
Claire Copp Tim Kawalec  Cathy Pere Jennifer Tedesco
Denise Corbin Chris Kay Sabrina Perissinotti Katherine Theroux
Tina Corlett Cynthia Kennedy Mira Perrone Cindy Thompson
Barbara Corrent Muhammed Khan Christine Perryman Shelley Thomson
Lori Corrigan Dr. Abdul Aleem Khan Paula Pesce Glendene Thornbloom
Carey Cosman Sandra Kirby Angela Peters Sandra Thrasher
Roy Costa Ilias Kiritsis Katie Peterson Geraldine Thrasher
Jennifer Covyeow Pawel Kita Rosemary Petrakos Cheryl Thrasher
Ruby Cowan Georgia Kitching Lori Phaneuf Sharon Tiberia
Mary Ann Cowie Deborah Knowler Linda Phillips Sherry Tran
Merenie Crosby Kelly Kost Lynn Pickel Jo-Anne Treverton
Emily Crumb Lindsay Kucera Sandra Pillon Jennifer Trkulja
Lori Cunningham Anne Kukucka Nicole Pilutti Jennifer Truscott-Grondin
Donna Danelon Lisa Kuzak Meredith Plante Lia Turner
Noella Dare Stacey Labrecque Jennifer Potma Nurten Uz
Hazel Davidson Shelley Labute Madeline Power Diane Valeri
Janet Davis Charlene Ladouceur Anna Prestia-Diponti Gail Varcoe
Lisa Dawson Kathy Lalonde Corrin Primeau Corina Velehorschi
Janice Dawson Anne Lamarsh Veronika Pulley Richard Vennettilli
Yvette Day Rosie Lambier Claudio Pullo Irene Vermey
Ursula Debono Sharlene Lance Stacy Quick Dr. G. Villella
Bridget Delaney Rachel Lancop Denise Quigley Jennifer Virgili
Rose Deluca Devon Lanspeary Rhonda Rajkumar Csilla Visentin
Frank Demarco Mary Jane Laramie Michelle Rau Heather Wachmenko
Danielle Demitroff Sherri Larose Rossi Karen Reaume Lynn Walker
Karen Denomme Lori Laughton Martha Reavley Lauren Walker
Connie Desjarlais Brandon Lawhead Mary Recchia Kim Watson
Mara Dickens Youyi Le April Reed Lynne Watts
Amie Dicocco Pauline Leblanc Kim Regnier Dana Westfall
Karen Didomenico Meagan Leblanc Elizabeth Rehman Shannon Wey
Maria Distefano Jennifer Leclerc Kathleen Reilly Carolyn Wheatley
Tatjana Divkovic-Burleigh Leanne Leech Debbie Reiner Marsha Williams
Sarah Donovan Mary Lemay Michelle Reiser Shawna Williams
Devon Dowhan David Lenz Renee Renaud Natalie Willms
Kerri Drouillard Randy Levac Christina Renaud Stefanie Willoughby
Shae Drouillard Milena Lewis Sarah Renaud Pamela Wilson
Darlene Ducharme Jennifer Lewton Bob Renaud Sara Wilson
Dawn Duggan Erin Link Cara Revait Rebecca Wilson
Cathy Dunn Angela Logan Eileen Ricart Elizabeth Wilson
Ivana Dunn Lora-Beth Logan Mary Richard Dan Wilson
Paul Dunn Audrey Logan Linda Rickeard Erna Wolter
Christine Duval Mary Look-Kan Karen Riddell Brenda Wood
Karen Duval Stephanie Lopez Lynnette Ridley Shannon Woolcock
Catherine Dwyer Melissa Lot Eva Ridley Gay Wrye
Maria Eid Colette Lubin-Rompre Cheryl Riediger Linda Young
David Zanet


“If every employee gave just a couple of bucks per week, over $150,000 could be raised by the staff annually for WRH. Just think of the difference this could make in your department if every staff member gave just a little.”
Enid Bryans
Manager & Radiation Safety Officer
Nuclear Medicine and Cardiopulmonary

I have had the pleasure and honour of chairing the Windsor Regional Hospital Family Giving Campaign over the last five years. I can attest that staff, professional staff, Board members and volunteers have rallied around this campaign and continuously supported the need to enhance and improve care for our patients and their families.

The fact that over $500,000 has been raised over the last five years is a living testimonial to the belief that it is an important initiative each year. I truly believe in the concept that we at Windsor Regional Hospital had to demonstrate to the community that we too care and would step forward with support for the good of Windsor and Essex County. We lived our vision of Outstanding Care No Exceptions through the results of the Family Giving Campaign.

I hope that the passion of the staff continues through the future years of this campaign!

kevin marshall

Kevin Marshall, Director
Facilities & Capital Planning

“There is always a good feeling associated with giving to a good cause, but to be able to give towards a cause of your own choice is even greater. The family giving campaign is a great way to give to my community and to the place I work. I can actually see and decide where my donation is going.”


Laura Carelen, Administrative Assistant
Human Resources

“I am so proud to work at Windsor Regional Hospital. It is important to me that I stand behind the work we do here and one of the ways I do that is by participating in the family giving campaign. It’s one of the many ways we do our part and make a difference!”
Sara Simpson, Nurse
Emergency Department

“I think it is important to support the Campaign 2011/12 campaign because it demonstrates to others that we believe in providing Outstanding Care – No Exceptions! The items purchased through the campaign help us to do a better job caring for our patients.”
Alissa Howe-Poisson
Alissa Howe-Poisson, Clinical Practice Manager
Family Birthing Centre