Critical care outreach team

The WRH CCOT team’s role is:

  • To assess and stabilize the patient. 
  • To assist with communication with the attending physician(MRP). 
  • To educate and support the nursing staff and family. 
  • To assist with transfer to another level of care if required. 
  • To help the primary team keep their patient on their unit under their direct supervision. 
  • To bring expertise and support. MRP assumes care of the patient.

Who To Call:

For more information about the CCOT program:

Ouellette Campus 

Lead Physician- Dr. Eli Malus
Lead Nurse- Mary Cunningham NP
Contact Number: 519-999-2114

Met Campus 

Lead physician - Dr. Dhar
Lead Nurse- Alan DeSimpel RN
Contact number: 519-995-6597



Medical Directives:

CCOT Team Contact Information:

Ouellette- (519) 999-2214

Met- (519)995-6597