Corporate Graphics Standards

Windsor Regional Hospital is committed to having a cohesive visual identity system that reinforces the organization's position as a leading health care provider.

Consistent and correct use of identity elements enhances the organization's image. In addition, our linkage with other "votes" is promoted by this identification with the Corporation. All communication from the Hospital, especially to external audiences, should be of excellent quality.

This standard must apply to all communication coming from Windsor Regional Hospital. This includes but is not limited to: letterhead, brochures, manuals, advertising, presentations, signage and Web site usage. The implementation of the graphic standards is managed by the Public Affairs department.

The Hospital's logo was designed by Hargreaves, Charbonneau & Associates. The sun emerging from behind the clouds (formed by a stylized "W") is intended to represent the passage of a storm and the onset of wellness. The informal graphic style projects an accessible community focus.

Please contact the WRH Public Affairs Department at for access to the corporate logos.