Regular Vs Competitive/Team Events

The Competitive (Endurance) event is the fixed distance CN Tower distance (8 loops) run with a timer bib so you will get your time. That would probably take about 30-35 min for the fastest climbers (It is similar to a 5 k race if you only go up , but here you must also come back down).

The relay team will do 13 loops of the stairs (Burj Khalifa building height; the tallest building in the world).

The Regular category (Timed) you can be in the stairs for up to 2 hours and the number of 'stair loops (13 floors)' is counted with the winner being the greatest number of loops in 2 hours. Participants can take their time with as many breaks as they wish. The previous record is 22 loops.

Both categories can be registered as an individual or as a team ( relay). We recommend that a team only be 2-3 people, otherwise there is too much of a wait before you get to go again.