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March 24, 2017
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New program sessions offered to Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre Patients

WINDSOR, ON – The Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program is launching a five-part education series for cancer patients, families, and caregivers who have completed active treatment and are moving to life beyond cancer.  The RENEW program includes local and provincial experts covering evidence-based topics that help with some of the common long term physical and emotional effects of the disease.

“When patients finish their cancer treatment they often feel relieved, anxious and afraid all at the same time,” says Joyce McManus a social worker at the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre. “It is normal to be concerned about what happens next.  In these classes we help patients adjust to life after cancer by dealing with some common issues people face after treatment, meet with some of the clinical staff from whom they can access supports, such as exercise, sexual health, etc. and provide ways to address the after effects of cancer treatment and help them adjust to their “new normal”.

The RENEW Program begins April 6, 2017 at the Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus. Participants can attend in person or via a live webinar from the comfort of one’s home. These educational sessions are free.





Surviving, Now What?

April 6th

Kit McCann, Nurse Practitioner

Casino Cares Conference Room, Cancer Centre

Sexuality and Cancer

April 13th

Joyce McManus, Registered Social Worker

Auditorium Side A & B

Be Active, Be Healthy

April 20th

Dr. Daniel Santa Mina, Certified Exercise Physiologist & Professor of Kinesiology, Toronto

Auditorium Side A & B

Eating for a Healthy Life

April 27th

Donna Danelon, Registered Dietitian

Auditorium Side A & B

Hereditary Cancer and Your Family Tree

May 4th

Veronica Bryksa, Certified Genetic Counsellor

Casino Cares Conference Room, Cancer Centre

All classes will be held from 6 pm-7:30 pm. Open to family, friends and caregivers as well.


In addition, RENEW also includes an eight-week  Back to Fitness Program designed and delivered by certified professionals from Windsor Squash & Fitness in collaboration with the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Program.  These classes are tailored to patients’ individual goals, fitness level, and personal ability, and are only open to individuals with cancer. The exercise classes are held twice per week, and take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 1.00 pm -2.00 pm, from May 9, 2017 to June 29, 2017.  This 8-week program costs $30 to attend. Registration is required for both programs.

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