Windsor Regional Hospital

Better Comfort for Dialysis Treatment

Photo above: Future site of Renal Dialysis at the Bell Building on Goyeau Street.

Dozens of patients who come to hospital for multiple, life-saving treatments every week will soon receive their care in a much more comfortable environment. Space is being renovated at the former Bell building on Goyeau Ave. which provides a more comfortable and accessible environment for renal patients, who typically receive multiple dialysis treatments over the course of a week.

Advantages of the new space include large windows to allow bright natural light to enter, higher ceilings, and better space for the clinical teams to work in and dedicated spaces for family/loved ones. The hospital is now looking to purchase further enhancements to the surroundings, including comfortable new chairs for patients who must sit for several hours at a time during treatment. Dialysis involves the artificial replacement of the process to eliminate waste from the blood, due to lost kidney function. It is commonly used for patients suffering chronic kidney disease.

The goal is to open the new Renal Dialysis unit this spring.