Windsor Regional Hospital

Clinic Seeker offers alternatives to the Emergency Department

It’s flu season and along with all those nasty illnesses comes congestion in our Emergency Departments which can be frustrating for patients waiting to be seen.

With ED volumes in mind, WRH is pleased to support a new mobile app developed by two local entrepreneurs that gives patients directions and information on local ED alternatives for patients with less serious concerns.

Clinic Seeker was developed by Lisa Jacobs and Brett Bildfell, both of whom have experience in the local health care sector. The two came up with a concept to build a website and mobile app which helps users locate nearby clinics. The hours of operation of those clinics will be listed, and eventually, as users populate the app and the site, wait time estimates.

Lisa and Brett approached WRH about the idea several months ago. The mobile app officially launched t his month, and can now be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store.

“Clinic Seeker directs you to the closest health care facility with the shortest wait times,” Jacobs said. “Clinic Seeker instantly provides basic information such as directions, contact information, open hours as well as whether it has labs and x-rays. In addition, patients waiting at clinics can share information on wait times – letting others know which clinics are running smoothly and which backlogged clinics to avoid.”

In support of the concept, WRH has posted a link to Clinic Seeker from our home page to make it easier for patients to access it. Staff can also direct patients who ask about ED alternatives to the Clinic Seeker website or app, whereas previously our website has published locations and numbers for clinics that sometimes fell out of date.