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March 28, 2014 
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Windsor Regional Hospital Salary Disclosure

Windsor, ON  –  

In accordance with the Ontario Public Salary Disclosure Act, 1996, Windsor Regional Hospital is releasing its report, which lists all employees who earned in excess of $100,000 in salary and their taxable benefits for the 2013 calendar year.

2013 resulted in a major restructuring of the governance and operations of hospital healthcare services in Windsor. On October 1, 2013 Windsor Regional Hospital became responsible for all acute care programs and services in Windsor and Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare became responsible for all sub-acute care services.

Even before the realignment of hospital healthcare services Windsor Regional Hospital was the largest healthcare facility in the Erie St. Clair LHIN with 523 beds, a staff compliment of over 2,900 employees and a budget of $325 million.

On October 1, 2013, Windsor Regional Hospital became the 3rd largest community teaching hospital in the Province of Ontario and the 19th largest hospital in the Province when including academic centres. As of October 1, 2013, Windsor Regional Hospital has an operating budget of $470 million per year, 4,000 employees and close to 700 acute care beds.

Both non-union and union salaries have been based on a survey of comparable hospitals in order to determine an appropriate and fair compensation program based on the responsibilities at Windsor Regional Hospital.

When realignment occurred, Windsor Regional Hospital was able to restructure its administrative team. On September 30, 2013, there were 351 administrative team members managing acute care services at the Metropolitan and Ouellette campuses. As of March 2014 there are 292 administrative team members managing acute care services at the Metropolitan and Ouellette campuses. This is a reduction of 59 administrative staff.

As of 2010/2011 data produced by the Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP), Windsor Regional Hospital has the LOWEST Administrative Expense as a percentage of Total expense in the Erie St Clair LHIN at 5.07% and is one of the lowest as compared to its peers across Canada.

In 2013, out of a total of 69 employees on the "over $100,000" annual salary list, 40 are unionized 29 are non-union.





























The following is the complete listing:

Union Listing (40)

Name  Title  Salary  Benefits
Prasthy James   Registered Nurse  $121,086.72 $356.00
Joanne Treverton  Registered Nurse  $113,036.12 


Heather Baillargeon  Registered Nurse  $112,552.02 


Becky Bannister  Registered Nurse   $112,203.50 


Janice M. Dufault  Registered Nurse  $110,781.32 


Sandra Carrick Registered Nurse $107,808.52


Lourdes Brothers Registered Nurse (E.C) $107,098.83


Donna Langlois Registered Nurse $105,826.08


Sue Porto Clinical Practice Coordinator $105,497.39


Deanna Jeffrey Registered Nurse $105,176.62


Cary Bedard Registered Nurse (E.C) $104,787.37


Sy Rommel Registered Nurse (E.C) $104,035.11


Rita Dibiase Registered Nurse (E.C) $103,483.23


Tammy Warkentin Registered Nurse (E.C) $103,474.76


Assunta Palermo Registered Nurse $102,873.71


Crystal Allison Registered Nurse $102,675.78


Angela Italiano Registered Nurse (E.C) $102,554.37


Alida Coull Registered Nurse $102,156.40


M. Catherine McCann Registered Nurse (E.C) $102,041.10


Michelle Gagne Registered Nurse $101,705.61


Denise Hurst Registered Nurse $101,357.26


Peter Burns Registered Nurse (E.C) $100,906.70


Mike Ledoux Pharmacist (Licensed) $128,885.32


Min Long Pharmacist (Licensed) $118,336.60


Lidia Yrigoyen-Dacruz Clinical Pharmacist Specialist $115,593.44


Joseph Sobol Pharmacist (Licensed) $113,369.01


Louise Stothart Pharmacist (Licensed) $112,488.48


Graham Bell Pharmacist (Licensed) $111,847.83


Joey Mcqueen Pharmacist (Licensed) $111,213.78


Shelley A. Donovan Pharmacist (Licensed) $110,756.70


Mary Anne Lopez Pharmacist (Licensed) $109,981.97


Lisa Jazvac Pharmacist (Licensed) $108,337.06


Anne McLachlan Psychologist $106,732.47


Nancy Friesen Psychologist $106,263.30


Marianne Simic Pharmacist (Licensed) $106,228.94


Marisa Sobol Pharmacist (Licensed) $106,157.63


Trevor Hjertaas Psychologist $102,764.53


John Agapito Physicist $161,485.04


Siobhan Ozard Physicist $159,130.20


Luc Serre Physicist $125,298.52



Non-Union Listing (29)

Name Title Salary


David Musyj President and CEO $343,658.19


Karen McCullough CNE/COO $239,612.94


Daniel Germain Former CFO $221,459.09


Claudia Den Boer Grima Regional VP Cancer/Support $203,012.12


Sharon Pillon Former VP CCC/Rehab $191,922.55


Jeffrey Richer Manager Physics $170,374.10


Mark Fathers Current CFO $146,029.80


Ronald Foster VP PR/Philanthropy $140,747.39


Raffaele Nicoletti VP Medicine $128,265.53


Kevin Marshall Director Facilities $126,680.52


Rosemary Petrakos VP Critical Care/Surgery $123,487.40


Barbara Havens Director Surgery $121,283.64


Cornelia O'Neil Former Director Decision Support $121,283.59


Marion McChesney Director Laboratory $118,018.12


Mary Broga Former VP Family Mental Health $117,051.22


Charlene Haluk-McMahon Manager Pharmacy $112,668.66


John Devlin Manager Pharmacy $112,199.25


Monica Stanton Director Environmental $112,148.48


Gisele Seguin Director PR/Philanthropy $111,869.47


Theresa Morris Director Medicine $109,622.73


Gina Bulcke Director Decision Support $109,622.72


Sharon Morris Director HR $109,622.72


Mark Ferrari ED Family Windsor Family $109,578.58


Elizabeth Dulmage Director Cancer Services $107,581.43


Monica Staley Director Patient Rep $105,496.12


John Quint Director Finance $104,239.54


Linda Ann Campeau Director Admitting/Comm. $103,872.11


Aruna Koushik Commissionaire Human Rights $101,536.72


Lucia St. Aubin Manager NICU $100,294.83


As a result of the restructuring of hospital healthcare services, an independent legal and salary review of administrative team members salaries was undertaken by the Board of Directors. It resulted in some modifications in accordance with the provisions of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 in annual salaries to reflect an appropriate and fair compensation program based on the restructuring and the responsibilities at Windsor Regional Hospital as of October 1, 2013. It should also be noted that under the new Excellent Care for All Act, non-union compensation is directly linked to achieving the goals set for the (14) core corporate indicators under the 2012/13 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

"Windsor Regional Hospital substantially restructured its hospital healthcare governance and operations in 2013. It is now the 3rd largest community teaching hospital in the Province of Ontario by bed size, number of employees and operating budget but has a small number of employees, 1.7% percent above the threshold of $100,000 earnings. This clearly indicates the hospital's commitment to ongoing fiscal responsibility. However, this has to be monitored to ensure our fiscal responsibility does not interfere with being able to recruit and retain staff in order to continue being an employer of choice" stated Gay Wrye, Chair of the Board for Windsor Regional Hospital.


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