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Period of Purple Crying Alerts Parents About Shaken Baby Syndrome

November is designated as the month to remind parents about shaken baby syndrome and how harmful it is to their infant or newborn. The Period of Purple Crying campaign was designed throughout North America to educate families that babies are fragile and continuous crying at times from their infant is normal.

Dealing with a crying baby can be very difficult and parents often do not realize just how frustrating it is until they are in a stressful situation. No one ever thinks they will sake their infant however, research shows crying as the number one reason leading to parents or caregivers violently shaking and injuring their baby.

Every parent giving birth at Windsor Regional Hospital in the Family Birthing Centre is provided with info regarding the Period of Purple Crying. A video teaches new parents ways to comfort their baby and important steps to take when the crying continues and frustrates them. It indicates why shaking a baby is harmful! Parents are encouraged to speak to other new parents about how important it is to understand consistent crying and why it is alright. In addition, local community knitters provide purple warming newborn caps.

The Period of Purple Crying is a collaborative effort among healthcare partners in the community whom include the Windsor Essex Health Unit; VON; Windsor Essex Community Care Centre; Midwives of Windsor, EMS and area hospitals.