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Western Redevelopment - Upcoming Employment Opportunities


Windsor Regional Hospital’s Western Campus is currently embarked on a major capital redevelopment to reduce patient wait times and enhance access to services for rehabilitation and longer-term mental health programs.

Highlights of the Windsor Regional Hospital capital redevelopment project include:

  • new construction to provide a longer-term mental health building on the Western Campus that will be more than 75,000-square-feet

  • increase in overall capacity making room for up to 65 longer-term mental health beds and up to 60 rehabilitation beds

  • renovations of existing buildings, including exterior repairs, upgrades to the elevator that services the building and other existing infrastructure

  • renovations to over 35,000 square feet of space in the Tower Building, which houses in-patient rehabilitation services

Upcoming Employment Opportunities

Specialized Mental Health Services (Fall 2011)

Specialized Mental Health Services at Windsor Regional Hospital will include 59 specialized mental health beds and 3 Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams. Specialized mental health care is focused on active, ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery that are not a substitute for secondary care. It consists of an array of services that are situated in both hospital and community settings that provide equitable access to safe, respectful and effective services that are designed to enhance individual capacity, strength, recovery, and hope, to maximize the quality of life. Specialized inpatient services will be linked to Windsor Regional Hospital's specialized outpatient services and clinics. 

The specialized populations that will be served are:

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Geriatric Mental Health
  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Psychosis

Please click here, for further information regarding the Specialized Mental Health Program.

Complex Continuing Care Program (Spring 2012)

The Complex Continuing Care (CCC) program is currently a 154-bed program for medically unstable clients, 18 years or older, with significant care requirements because of complex physical and cognitive challenges.  Care is also provided for palliative patients.  Respite care is provided for patients with ventilators.  Patient admissions are from community, rehabilitation unit, acute care facilities, and facilities from all across Essex County.

Following the move of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program in the Spring of 2012 back to the new Tower Building, the number of CCC beds will increase to approx. 190.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program (Spring 2012)

The Regional Rehabilitation Unit is currently a 50-bed special rehabilitation program for persons who require an extensive interdisciplinary program of active rehabilitation to maximize functional ability and level of independence. The Program is outcome focused and goal oriented with a target length of stay of 35 days. Following the renovations to the Tower Building, the number of inpatient beds is projected to increase to 60.

The client profile includes persons within the main diagnostics categories of:

  • stroke
  • amputations
  • head injuries
  • multiple trauma
  • neurological disorders, such as Parkinsonism, Spinal Cord Injury
  • orthopedic cases such as hip replacement and fractures

Individuals wanting more information about any of the above programs and the upcoming opportunities are to contact the following:

Registered Nurses
Pat Pandolfo
Human Resources Advisor
519-254-5577 Ext 52221

Registered Practical Nurses
Michelle Kern
Coordinator, HRIS
519-254-5577 Ext. 75120

Allied Health Professionals
Mary Recchia
Human Resources Advisor
519-254-5577 Ext 76941

Management Positions
Melissa Simas
Manager, Human Resources
519-254-5577 Ext 72303