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Conduct and Ethical Guidelines

When you are on duty, your attitude and actions reflect on Windsor Regional Hospital. The following should guide you in your service to the hospital:

Your Responsibilities to the Volunteer Services and Student Registration Department:
  • DIRECT any problems, comments, or suggestions to the Volunteer Services and Student Registration Dept.
  • NOTIFY the Volunteer Services and Student Registration Dept. when you desire an assignment change (dept., shift/time change), a leave of absence, have a change of address or phone, or wish to resign from your volunteer position.
  • SIGN-IN AND OUT for each day of each shift.
  • EVALUATE your volunteer/student assignment as requested.
  • FOLLOW through on promises and commitments including your assigned shift as scheduled. Arrange for a substitute whenever possible.
  • COOPERATE with staff and fellow volunteers/students at all times.
  • FOLLOW the Service Assignment including duties, training, and orientation.
  • ABIDE by the policies and procedures of the Hospital and of the Volunteer Services and Student Registration Department as described in the Handbook.

General Rules of Conduct:

  • CONDUCT yourself with dignity and professionalism.
  • BE SENSITIVE to the needs and concerns of others.
  • TAKE THE INITIATIVE - if unable to help directly, find someone who can.
  • ASK nursing or medical staff before giving client something to eat or drink (including water, juice, candy, or food).
  • KEEP appointments and return calls promptly.
  • EAT/DRINK within designated areas (i.e., cafeteria, outdoor tables) after your assigned shift (unless you are doing a double shift) - NOT on the program areas/floors. CHEWING GUM is not appropriate while on duty.
  • SMOKE in designated areas outside of the building.
  • USE pay phones in the lobby or the Volunteer Services and Student Registration Office phone for brief personal calls.
  • RESPECT the client's right to "peace and quiet"-- NO talking/laughing loudly.
  • DEMONSTRATE and promote a positive attitude.
  • DO NOT ENTER any room marked with a picture of a Butterfly or Heart, or a Precaution or Isolation Sign.
  • LEAVE PERSONAL PROBLEMS AT HOME - you are needed to help others.
  • Shouting, gossiping, coarse or obscene language, provoking or instigating a fight on Hospital property, or a behaviour disturbing or offensive to patients, visitors, staff and volunteers shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Ethical Guidelines

  • TREAT all persons with respect & compassion--just as you would like to be treated.
  • RESPECT the privacy of others. Knock upon closed or partially closed doors, allowing sufficient time for client/staff to respond. Do not enter a room when a physician, nurse, or other staff member is seeing the client.
  • KEEP in confidence the many things you see, hear or learn within the hospital.
  • RESPECT the cultural and religious values of the clients and their families.
  • DO NOT ask the staff / doctor for medical advice, medication or have a corridor consultation for your relatives, friends or yourself.
  • DO NOT give/receive gifts or money from clients or their families. Encourage clients to show their appreciation with a simple "thank you," smile, or card.
  • DO NOT sell or attempt to sell goods or services, request contributions, solicit any written business, or distribute political petitions on hospital premises.