Local Family Makes an Impact at Ouellette Campus

    On December 1st 2013, the Bonnadona family gathered together for their room naming ceremony and to deliver their $40,000 donation toward the Transition to Betterness (T2B) Room Refurbishment Program at the Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital. Their donation could not have come at a better time of year as we kick off this holiday season.

    T2B provides patients and their families with a comfortable and compassionate hospital setting, devoted to supporting unique projects that benefit those confronted by a life threatening illness or injury.

    The T2B Room Refurbishment Program began 17 years ago and they have completed a few units at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Met and Ouellette Campuses. This pledge from the Bonnadona family will go toward the completion of another room with a better “home like” atmosphere for people who will be at the hospital for an extended period of time.

    Alessia Frighetto, T2B representative, said “People dealing with life threatening illnesses are vulnerable and the environment that they’re in plays a big part in their mental well-being. The feedback that we have received has taught us that the comfort of the rooms and services provided help in making the difficult process much easier.”

    Thank you to the Bonnadona family whose contribution to this program has been greatly appreciated by the patients, families, and staff within the hospital. Windsor Regional Hospital could not be more pleased with the Bonnadona family and their support to the T2B – Room Refurbishment Program.