Toys “R” Us/Starlight Donation

Kim Robert, Assistant Manager for our local Toys R Us, presents Danielle Ramsten, Development Officer for the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation with $2000 in Toys R Us gift cards for the WRH Child Life Program.

The Paediatric Child Life Program received a generous grant of $2000 from Toys “R” Us and the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada. This year’s donation will go towards the purchase of infant items for distraction and comfort.

The Child Life program will use the donation to purchase items such as swings, bouncers, crib aquariums, strollers, mobiles, and crib activity centres. These items will go far in providing comfort for our smallest and most vulnerable population.

Toys “R” Us and Starlight partner to provide "hospital happenings" and sponsors a series of initiatives for parents and families. Thank you to Toys “R” Us and Starlight for supporting Windsor Regional Hospital!