Push Ups For Charity

Radiologist, Dr. Robert Smith was one of the many participants in Push Ups for Charity 2012.  He is a member at Refine Fitness.

Push Ups For Charity, was recently held at Refine Fitness Studio. Community members, including members from Windsor Police Services and Windsor Fire and Rescue participated by trying to do as many push ups as they could in 90 seconds. The winning team is decided by taking the top five push up scores from each team. The Winning team was the Windsor Police Services and the winning individual was James Zedd with 101 push ups in 90 seconds.

"The Push Ups For Charity raises for the hospital’s Cornerstone of Caring campaign It is a great way to promote health and fitness along with generating much needs funds." stated Mike Bates, owner of Refine Fitness Studio in Windsor.

Many thanks to all who participated in ‘Push Ups for Charity 2012'.