Eric Morgan Donation to the Paediatric Unit

Nine year old, Eric Morgan asked his mother what the Paediatric Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital needed to help kids while in the hospital. When his birthday came up, in lieu of personal birthday gifts, he asked his family and friends to give items that could be donated to children in the hospital. Six year old, Liam Krohn was curious to do the same thing. He once gave his old toys to a daycare and asked about kids in the hospital. In preparation for his birthday, he asked family and friends to bring $10. His plan was to take $5 of it in lieu of receiving a gift for his birthday and purchase toys for children in the hospital. The other $5 was to buy one big toy for himself as his gift.

"As parents, we believe in giving where we can and we want our children to learn that it can be a rich and rewarding experience to give to others as well" stated Connie Krohn, mother of 6 year old Liam. "We suggested the $5 dollar idea and Liam was very receptive to it."

Both families, along with Eric Morgan and Liam Krohn presented their donation to WRH's Paediatric Services