International Dragon Boats for the Cure Donate $850,000 to Windsor Regional Hospital.

Having reorganized in 2009 and establishing a new permanent location for the International Dragon Boats For The Cure weekend, Windsor Regional Hospital benefited  significantly when the International Dragon Boats For The Cure announced that it will donate a total of $850,000 dollars toward a new state-of-the-art Fluoroscopy Unit and Digital X-ray System, focused on cancer patient care. 

The Fluoroscopy Unit will permit real time imaging for invasive procedures such as insertion of central lines that allow cancer patients and others to receive intravenous treatments in a timely manner.  The new system will also permit insertion of gastric tubes for nutrition of patients with cancer who cannot swallow; injection of chemotherapy into the spinal canal; allow for the insertion of drainage tubes into the kidney for patients with bladder cancer and, will allow the performance of stomach and colon x-ray procedures for detection of cancer. 

Dragon Boats For The Cure also support the acquisition of a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system for the Emergency Department that allows for quicker, more efficient imaging and processing of cancer patients who require x-rays in the ER.  The increase processing speed of the digital system will expedite any medical interventions therefore, reducing wait times in the ER.  The number of cancer patients that require the services of the Emergency Department continues to increase.

Gerry Orum and Beth Noakes, representatives of the Annual International Dragon Boats For The Cure recently unveiled a recognition wall highlighting a pink dragon honouring teams and donors. 

“To assist with meeting the financial needs of Windsor Regional Hospital and the community, we have developed a Circle of Life recognition monument to be erected at Tecumseh’s Waterfront Park, giving everyone in the community an opportunity to acknowledge, honour or remember a loved one.” stated Gerry Orum, Dragon Boat organizer.  “In the park will also be a large granite dragon symbolizing hope and strength for those battling breast cancer.”

The 2010 Annual International Dragon Boats For The Cure weekend will take place July 9 to 11th in Tecumseh’s Waterfront Park.