Parker Drouillard Visited Paediatric Services to Donate to Kids in the Hospital

For the 3rd year in a row, 11 year old, Parker Drouillard visited Paediatric Services to donate to kids in the hospital.

Parker Drouillard began his mission to help others at the age of 4 when 9/11 occurred. He began asking his parents questions about what happened and was there anything he could do to help? Not wanting to discourage him, his mom helped Parker make little American flags which he sold at the end of his driveway, making $75 for the Canadian Red Cross to help victims of 9/ll. Two years later, his brother Aiden was hospitalized for pneumonia. Parker noted that Paeditrics at the time seemed to lack toys for kids in the hospital.

A few years later, he started making items (Chinese lanterns), selling them and raising $58 dollars. Not happy with the amount, Parker and his brothers, Aiden and Matthew, along with friend Jacob started raking leaves, raising $280 that year. That was the first year he visited Paediatrics at the Met Campus and donated his funds to help kids in the hospital. So exciting about the attention they received, they raked leaves again the following year raising $300.

This year, they went for the gold! They started earlier in the year with a lemonade stand; then held a yard sale, raising $540. Then to a Christmas Card idea where, Xerox, Ellis Graphics and local media promotion assisting them raising more money. They raked leaves again this fall due to many requests from former neighbours. In total, Parker, his brothers, Aiden and Matthew and friend, Jacob will donate $1,750.00 to Paediatrics Child Life Services at Windsor Regional Hospital.

“I wanted to help children at the hospital and that is why I and my brothers and my friend worked together again to raise all this money” said Parker Drouillard.

Paediatrics is comprised of a 33-bed inpatient program located on the third floor of Windsor Regional Hospital. The age of patients range from newborn to a child’s 18th birthday. Children are cared for with a variety of diagnosis including medical, surgical, oncology and mental health issues. Some of the most common diagnoses are neonatal jaundice, brochiolitis, asthma and gastroenteritis. Outpatient services is comprised of Surgery, Medical Day Care, Satellite Oncology Unit and Clinics for Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophilia and Metabolic.